Warmer weather is expected throughout the week.
Warmer weather is expected throughout the week.

WEATHER: Warmer days to be expected for Ipswich

May has bought with it colder winter-like weather, forcing people to bring out their winter wardrobe early.

Meteorologist Peter Markworth of the Bureau of Meteorology said the recent cold weather was unexpected but warmer days are expected over the next week.

"We did have a bit of a chilly weekend which bought with it cold wind," he said.

"However, we are expecting the temperature to increase gradually into next week.

"This weekend will be quite a warm one relative to the average temperature as well.

"What we have experienced is quite a cold burst and it is unexpected and not too common but certainly not the coldest period for May recorded."

Today's forecast looks to continue the cold trend with the coldest temperature for today recorded at 6.39am this morning at 3.6 degrees.

Tomorrow will bring a low of 9 degrees with a high of 26 degrees. Wednesday will be roughly the same with the only difference being a low of 11 degrees.

The mercury will slowly start to increase on Thursday with a high of 27 degrees expected.

The weekend will bring with it the hottest days for the week with a high of 28 and 29 degrees to be expected for Saturday and Sunday.

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