‘Wannabe gangsters’: Pair charged over ‘idiotic’ drive-by


TWO "idiotic" men have been charged with assault and animal cruelty after an alleged drive-by shooting with a gel blaster where they hit a woman, a car and two cats.

The pair, both 20, allegedly drove down a small suburban cul-de-sac in Kanimbla last month and shot from the window multiple times with the replica weapon which was fitted with a scope while wearing face coverings in a brazen daylight attack.

Cairns police Sen-Sgt James Coate slammed the alleged offenders, labelling them "wannabe gangsters" who were now facing serious charges over what they likely thought was a "joke".

The men, who are from Brinsmead and Cairns North, are charged with common assault, animal cruelty and using a replica weapon to cause alarm.

The weapon charge carries a maximum sentence of four years' jail.

"This may have seemed funny and humorous to them at the time, but playing the wannabe gangster with a replica firearm and face coverings is going to get you in a lot of trouble with the law," Sen-Sgt Coate said.

"Particularly when you take into account the victim who wouldn't be able to discriminate between a gel blaster and a real firearm."

He said the consequences for the pair could be serious.

"These young blokes could potentially give themselves a criminal record as a result of a joke," he said.

"If you point one of these devices at anyone you could end up on the receiving end of violence yourself from people believing they need to act in self defence.

"This was idiotic, particularly at their ages."

The alleged incident occurred about 4.30pm on September 26 with the pair arrested and charged on Sunday.

Police seized a gel blaster with sight attached during a raid of a residence.

The pair are due to appear in court on October 23.

The replica guns are banned in all states except Queensland and South Australia.

Recent changes to the Weapons Act in July meant Queensland owners needed a "reasonable excuse" to carry them as police concerns grow about misuse.


Originally published as 'Wannabe gangsters': Pair charged over 'idiotic' drive-by