TOWER SPIDER: Kayleb Blade Lees-Brown was grabbed scaling the framework of a Gold Coast tower under construction.
TOWER SPIDER: Kayleb Blade Lees-Brown was grabbed scaling the framework of a Gold Coast tower under construction.

Wannabe daredevil scales 15 storey building, lands in court

A WOULD-BE Spider-Man who was caught scaling 15 storeys up a highrise tower under construction on the Gold Coast had attempted a similar daredevil stunt closer to home, an Ipswich court has heard.

New dad 20-year-old Kayleb Blade Lees-Brown has an apparent attraction to high-risk activities, having also been charged with scaling the Bradfield pedestrian bridge linking the Ipswich CBD to Riverlink.

Details of Lees-Brown's antics emerged in Ipswich Magistrates Court, where he faced two charges of committing unregulated high-risk activities and a charge of assault involving a soft drink can.

Lees-Brown, from Booval, pleaded guilty to two charges of doing unregulated high-risk activities on June 3, 2019, and July 12, 2018; two counts of public nuisance; trespass; assault on May 29, 2019; entering premises to steal; two counts of obstructing police; fraud in December 2017; receiving tainted property (power tools) at Coalfalls; and trespass.

Police prosecutor Ricky Tsoi said the most serious offence was the assault.

No facts were given about the assault in the open court.

Magistrate Kurt Fowler noted the assault charge replaced an assault causing bodily harm charge which had been withdrawn by police.

He said a drink can had been fashioned in such a way as to cause injury and bleeding to the victim's hand.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Lees-Brown had difficulties transitioning into adulthood but was now taking positive steps following the birth of his child.

He said that with the benefit of hindsight, the acts committed in the assault had been disproportionate.

Mr Fowler said the assault was concerning, as were the unregulated high-risk acts.

"In one occasion, you were located at Surfers Paradise climbing outside of a building 15 floors up," Mr Fowler said, as he shed some light on the facts of the case.

"(You were) Sitting on top of a crane outside a building.

"Sir, I hope you accept it was high-risk behaviour."

"It was stupid, yeah," Lees-Brown responded.

Mr Fowler sentenced Lees-Brown to serve a supervised 15-month probation order.

The assault apparently took place at the iPlay amusement centre at Riverlink shopping centre, about 8pm on May 29 last year.

Security staff were trying to evict Lees-Brown and his friend for anti-social behaviour after they were allegedly drinking.

The court was told he pulled out an empty aluminium can that was crushed down and made into a makeshift blade.

A male's hand was sliced when struck.

He later told police he gained access to the venue after scaling the outside of the Bradfield Bridge and jumping a fence.

The high-rise incident in Surfers Paradise occurred at 1am after police were called to a multi-story construction site.

Two males were spotted high on a crane. By the time police officers went in he was apprehended 15 floors up.

The court heard Lees-Brown had been outside the tower framework, having climbed it with no safety gear.