Walls shake, goods fly off shelves as man rams car into ATM

A CROOK rammed the Hyundai stolen from an unwitting mum so hard into an ATM that the walls of the shop it was attached to shook under the impact.

Jamain Clayton Brandrick and his female passenger both ran from the car and left the badly crumpled i30 behind.

Leichhardt shop staff told police how goods flew from the shelves after the nose-first smash.

Ipswich Magistrates Court this week heard some of 22-year-old Brandrick's offences including a series of thefts.

Police said the i30 was stolen on September 19 last year when Brandrick stole the i30's keys and a nappy bag from the mother's home.

Brandrick deliberately drove the car fitted with false plates into the ATM at the Lucky 7 shop. He was then captured on CCTV reversing into two parked cars.

Prosecutor Snr Constable Carl Spargo said Brandrick was violent and resisted arrested.

He said Brandrick had never held a driver's licence and was a recidivist offender and had issues with drugs and alcohol.

Brandrick, from Bundamba, pled guilty to more than 20 charges including six counts of entering premises and commit an offence; unlawful use of a motor vehicle; dangerous operation of a vehicle; two counts of entering premises with intent; three counts of entering a dwelling and commit an offence; two counts of wilful damage; obstruct police; and failing to appear before a court.

Police sought a two-year jail term.

Snr Constable Spargo said multiple victims had suffered as a result of his string of offences.

In one offence, a 73-year-old lady returned home to find her jewellery boxes and $25 cash gone.

There had also been a series of thefts from cars and entering premises.

Defence lawyer Brianna Edwards said Brandrick would like to get a bakery apprenticeship.

He had been in jail since November 16.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum said it was an awful experience for people to have their homes broken into or cars stolen.

Brandrick received a 14-month jail sentence in total, with immediate eligibility to begin his parole application. The sentences included 12 months for causing wilful damage to a car and to the ATM.

He was disqualified from driving for nine months.