Joy Budgeon from Karalee is determined to get a group of people together for regular walks.
Joy Budgeon from Karalee is determined to get a group of people together for regular walks.

Walking group forms for locals itching to keep fit

FOR Joy Budgeon, age is just a number.

That’s the philosophy behind the brand new walking group she is launching in attempt to get motivated and stay healthy.

The 68-year-old Karalee woman, who describes herself as “in training for old age” is keen to hit the pavement in company but her idea did not bloom from a new year’s resolution.
When Joy’s doctor told her she was bordering on pre-obesity, the Karalee woman knew it was time to make some changes to her diet and fitness regimen.

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“I heard the term ‘pre-obese’ and I didn’t like it,” Joy said.

Already a fan of walking, Joy regularly walked around her acreage property but found the lack of company to be detrimental – as well as the impact it had on her lawn.

“I was walking every day around our property, but then you wear a path in the lawn and it doesn’t look so nice,” she said.

“And I like to walk but I don’t like to do it by myself.”

Suspecting there were others in her boat, Joy took to social media.

“It’s one of those random ideas that come to you; I wondered if maybe there were others out there feeling the same way,” she said.

Judging by the attention the post has drawn, Joy was right.

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“I was quite amazed at the response, actually,” she said.

“I think there’s nearly 10 of us – and we’re starting off next Tuesday afternoon.”

Joy said the camaraderie, opportunity for friendship to bloom and chance to share ideas made exercising in company more appealing than going it alone.

“And being able to keep an eye on one another, too,” she said.

“It could also lead to other things, like catching up at Christmas or going out for coffee.”

She has already started toying with possible names for the group, ADM or Age Don’t Matter being the leading option.

“Why not? You can be in control of your own body and wellbeing,” Joy said.

“If you let age define you, well then you’re in all sorts of trouble.”

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