Waiter calls child sexy, jokes about human trafficking

ALLEGED "wildly" inappropriate comments from an Ipswich restaurant worker have caused "shock" and "disgust" in a local mum, who has since reported the man to police.

Jessica Black was at dinner last week at an local restaurant with her partner and two children, before a staff member allegedly sexualised her five-year-old daughter and said he could make lots of money by trafficking her son.

For legal reasons, the QT is unable to name the restaurant.

Ms Black took to Facebook to air her concerns, review the restaurant and also reported the incident to Policelink due to the nature of the comments.

"He referred to my (five-year-old) daughter using terms like 'sexy', insinuating he would like to introduce her to his young son, and went on to pick up my (two-year-old) son and make comments saying how he could make upwards of $250,000 on the Chinese black market if he sold him," she said.

"While I wish I was joking, I'm not. This man not only ruined our night with the comments, but subjected my children to some horrible topics," she said.

"Thankfully, this happened before we had ordered/paid and we were able to leave.

"Upon putting my kids in the car and going back to the restaurant to confront him, he did not respond well if it all to me expressing my concerns with his comments, and just said 'it's okay' before going back inside.

"Whether or not this was an attempt at sick humour, or some underlying issues, I'm not sure."

Ms Black acknowledged that a report to Policelink may be a bit "over the top", and "unfortunately you can never know in this world and I wouldn't like a child to be the price to pray to learn that lesson".

"I'd rather make an empty report than skip on something that could potentially put someone in danger."

Ms Black was quick to acknowledge the food was good and the restaurant seemed quite popular.

"But this kind of behaviour from this specific person is still not okay, and as a parent I felt it was worth sharing," she said.

Several members of the public had similar experiences with the man in question, and were warned the man was "one of a kind".

"I have to laugh/cringe nearly every time I go there," said Laura Hurd, "He is trying to be funny. I don't think he means any harm but it does come across pretty weird some times."

"I've heard those exact comments about your children before - I think it's one of his standard lines. I don't know what to say, other than I keep going there because the food is genuinely good. Odd situation."

Police confirmed they had the incident reported, but could not confirm if they were investigating.

"At this stage we haven't got an official crime report on it, it has been submitted to us as intelligence," a spokesperson said.

The restaurant, which can't be named for legal reasons, were contacted for comment and have since deleted their Facebook and started a new one.