Former Member for Bundamba Jo-Ann Miller in Queensland Parliament. Pic Annette Dew
Former Member for Bundamba Jo-Ann Miller in Queensland Parliament. Pic Annette Dew

Voters believe mayor tilt still on cards despite resignation

IPSWICH residents were quick to have their say online following the shock resignation of the former Member for Bundamba Jo-Ann Miller.

Fighting back tears, the veteran politician of 20 years handed in her resignation letter to Queensland Parliament speaker Curtis shortly after 10am today.

In her letter Mrs Miller said "I will not be standing for Mayor or Councillor of Ipswich City Council as it is time for me to move on to whatever is in God's plan for me. My family has put up with enough and I will not put them through it again in another role. However, I would like to thank our community for their great outpouring of support had I wished to nominate, and their trust in me".

Despite this, Ipswich residents aren't convinced Mrs Miller has quit politics for good, with many still believing they could still see her name on a ballot paper at the March 28 election.

Here is what QT followers said on Facebook.

Denise O'Keeffe - I expect she will nominate. She has experience in government which would help. Too juicy a job not to have a tilt. I don't believe for one moment that she wont try.

Belinda Meier - You wont get any votes from our house when you run for Ipswich mayor.

Brendan Graham - Then she'll make a return to politics tomorrow announcing she's run for Ipswich mayor!

Scott Alexander - Getting out before labor are sacked.

Shane Anderson - Sweet see ya.

Glen Angel William Barber - Collect that pension.

Mal Phillips - Good riddance.

Mark Beutal - Why is she crying? Still gonna get her big pollie pension and perks and other already sown up. Or doesn't it work like that anymore? My apologies.

Cam Jay - Mark Beutal your correct but crocodile tears for the lefty's sympathy votes count.

Kathy Schickert - Nek minnit … runs for Ipswich mayor.

Michelle Brad - Finally. Something good in the world for once.

Bronwyn Sheather - Thank goodness.

Jeremie Lemsta - Why is everyone mad at Jo-Ann Miller?