Dean Loadsman at the the new Grafton bridge opening on 12/12/19.
Dean Loadsman at the the new Grafton bridge opening on 12/12/19.

VOTE: Jacaranda City, Big River or Dirrangun?

Three names have emerged as clear favourites in The Daily Examiner reader poll for the new Grafton bridge.

Out of the 10 choices compiled from suggestions on social media, Jacaranda City, Big River and Dirrangun are clear enough leaders in the poll to suggest it is a three-horse race.

However, the difference in votes between each means all three remain genuine contenders. So your vote counts.

Earlier this month the $240m project was officially completed, ending a 20-year wait for the second crossing of the Clarence River at Grafton and sparking fervent discussion about its potential future name.

The Daily Examiner posed the question on its Facebook page, receiving more than 100 comments suggesting a wide range of names.

We narrowed it down to 10 and, in true democratic fashion, as editor of The Daily Examiner I decided I will lodge a submission based on the most popular choice of our readers, as determined by the poll.

What should the new Grafton bridge be called?

This poll ended on 02 September 2020.

Current Results

Jacaranda City Bridge


Big River Bridge


Dirrangun Bridge


Win Jefferies Bridge


Shirley Adams Bridge


Sharon Edwards Bridge


Sir Earle Page Bridge


New Bridge


Straight Bridge


Harvey Bell Bridge


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

* NOTE: The Daily Examiner's bridge name submission will only count as a single submission. Community members are encouraged to make their own submissions.

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