Western Pride technical director Mike Mulvey. Picture: Rob Williams
Western Pride technical director Mike Mulvey. Picture: Rob Williams

Vital issues if Ipswich wants to be an A-League club

ON a promising day where Western Pride's junior talent was showcased, the senior men's team received a 7-0 football lesson from Logan.

Although Logan are favoured to gain promotion to next year's National Premier League competition, club technical director Mike Mulvey said the match highlighted key issues Pride need to address moving forward.

"Logan have spent an awful lot of money to build a squad and they have been rewarded, '' the former A-League premiership-winning Brisbane Roar coach said.

"In all leagues throughout the whole world, you have to spend money to be successful.

"I'm not sure if we, as as a club, are equipped to do that.

"We've got some very good young kids at Western Pride and they need to be playing in the first team . . . and it needs to be done by people who understand how to do it.

"You need to be able to attract coaches and you need to be able to pay them.

"It's now a question of what the club wants to do.''

PROMISING SIGNS: Under 18 achievers backbone of Ipswich club

A positive for Mulvey was seeing under-18 player Jeremy Colaso and under-20 regular Noah Licciardello make their senior team debuts on Saturday night.

Pride under-18 goalkeeper Joshua Boyle also received a congratulatory hug from his dad and club general manager Pat at halftime for his first time on the senior team bench.

"That's what is it all about,'' Mulvey said.

But unfortunately for Pride in their final home game, the floodgates opened in the second half as Logan displayed their championship class.

"The first team has been decimated, to be fair, in the last two weeks with injuries and also suspensions and non-availability,'' Mulvey said.

"It's been a very tough year for everybody in football and you don't want to overstate the fact that the first team has struggled.

"You look at the results and the league tables never lie.

"The truth is the first team has fallen short and the top game was to get out of the FQPL and get into the NPL - and that hasn't happened.

"We need to realise why it hasn't happened and we need to put together the plan to get us back into the NPL.

"Because if we don't get into the NPL, how can we realistically have club ambitions to be an A-League or W-League franchise in the future?''

Mulvey said with the right planning and support from regional clubs, "Ipswich could be the western suburbs version in Brisbane of Western Sydney in the A-League because there is so many good kids out this way.''

He said he still shared the ambition of loyal and hardworking Ipswich football administrators that the city can "make that happen''.