Where you can still travel in 2020.
Where you can still travel in 2020.

Virus-free map shows where you can travel

HOLIDAYS around the world have been postponed and cancelled as coronavirus continues to spread globally.

British Airways has cancelled all flights to Italy and Qantas has slashed 25 per cent of its international flights. Meanwhile more new cases have been reported in Cyprus and Spain as the outbreak continues, The Sun reports.

But there are still a number of destinations tourists can travel to which currently have no reported cases of the infectious virus.

This could still change at short notice, so it is advised to be up to date with local travel advice, Smartraveller, as countries remain on high alert. This morning, for example, Turkey listed their first confirmed case of the virus - meaning they were taken off the map below.


Most of the countries in Europe have reported a few cases of coronavirus, with Turkey just confirming its first case of the illness.

The map shows the countries which have no cases of coronavirus,
The map shows the countries which have no cases of coronavirus,

While Greece has some cases, some of its islands such as Santorini and Mykonos have avoided the virus.

However, many cruise ships have cancelled their trips, which could affect the Greek islands, with Norwegian Cruise Line chief executive Frank Del Rio telling The Wall Street Journal: "If places like Santorini, Mykonos, any of the other islands or Athens are hit, it will be a nightmare.

"The market for the Mediterranean will basically collapse."

Italy, Spain and Germany have the highest recorded numbers of coronavirus in Europe, with Italy's numbers now over 10,000.



However even if a destination hasn't had coronavirus cases, it is worth taking out travel insurance and checking you are covered in case of an outbreak.

That could result in flights being cancelled or hotels being closed, as well as additional expenses when booking new flights.


Cape Verde, a group of islands off the west coast of Africa, is still safe to visit.
Cape Verde, a group of islands off the west coast of Africa, is still safe to visit.

Holidays further afield to Cape Verde, off the West African coast, can go ahead without any travel updates, as coronavirus has not spread to these regions, while Bali remains free of the virus, although a number of cases have been reported on the mainland of Indonesia.

Laos and Myanmar in South-East Asia remain unaffected, although caution is advised due to their proximity to countries reporting high cases of the virus such as China and South Korea.

Despite facing no coronavirus cases, the countries are still struggling as tourism plummets.

Other destinations that have cases are struggling too - Indonesia is planning on spending more than £500,000 ($A990,000), on a tourism drive due to a drop in numbers, while the finance minister of New Zealand said the country faces "serious impact" from the virus.

Italy has seen 90 per cent of bookings cancelled as the whole country goes into lockdown, while hotel bookings in Thailand are down 10 per cent.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission