The COVIDSafe app is now available for download.
The COVIDSafe app is now available for download.

TRACING APP: 'No different to credit card, social media'

DEPUTY mayor Darren Everard had no reservations about downloading the Federal Government's CovidSafe app and believes fears around privacy invasion are ironic and reflective of a double standard.

The app is being pitched as a tool to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus by allowing health officials to quickly contact people who might have been exposed to it.

Cr Everard downloaded the app after it was officially launched on Sunday.

He said doing so was his "little contribution to managing the situation."

Cr Everard encouraged other Fraser Coast residents to download the app.

"We are all in this together and the solution needs to come from a group effort. We all need to do a little so we can achieve a lot," he said.

Despite signing up for the app being completely voluntary, Cr Everard said he had been contacted by some people who had their reservations about it.

"Some people believe it is wrong and an invasion of their privacy, but anyone who has a credit card, social media or a smartphone is sharing their personal details, and possibly their location," he said.

He said the app's release came at a good time considering the Queensland government said it would begin downscaling some social restrictions currently in place.

"This all needs to be part of the same process, lessening restrictions needs to have a strategic approach and the situation must be reviewed daily. Hopefully the systems in place and the app will help flatten the curve," he said.

Cr Everard gave kudos to Fraser Coast residents who had been playing by the rules when it came to social distancing and regulations around public gatherings.

He said it was important for people to continue to focus on the end goal, especially when some restrictions in place are withdrawn.