Violent school brawl injures teacher

A female teacher has made assault complaints against several students after she was injured in a violent high school brawl that saw one boy taken to hospital by ambulance.

Sources have told the Bulletin up to six students attacked a 15-year-old boy at Thuringowa State High School on Tuesday afternoon, taking him to the ground before kicking and stomping on him.

A Department of Education spokeswoman said the fight involved only two students, but footage viewed by the Bulletin showed a group onslaught.

"A teacher who intervened was subsequently injured," the spokeswoman said. "The Queensland Ambulance Service was called and a student was transported to hospital."

The teacher sought her own medical attention and has since filed a complaint with police.

A 16 yr old girl was taken to hospital after a School drug overdose behind Thuringowa State High School.
A 16 yr old girl was taken to hospital after a School drug overdose behind Thuringowa State High School.

"A disturbance occurred … the complainant has become involved in the melee, trying to break it up and she has suffered some minor injuries," Kirwan Police Station officer-in-charge Devon Cupitt said.

"All matters of violence are serious but its particularly disappointing for someone acting in good faith, trying to stop an assault to end up being attacked herself."

Sen-Sgt Cupitt said no one had been charged in relation to the incident put police had several persons of interest.

The 15-year-old student is understood to have suffered bruising to the head and torso. He was released from hospital later yesterday afternoon.

The teacher suffered minor injuries but sources said she was "shaken" by the incident and had not returned to work.

Thuringowa MP Aaron Harper said he was extremely concerned about the incident and would be making his own inquiries.

"It is always concerning to see incidents happening in anyone's workplace least of all a school," he said.

"We know we have issues in front line professions, it is well reported that our police officers and paramedics are unfortunately assaulted while in their duty. Hopefully this matter gets resolved with the Education Department and the police quickly and effectively."

Queensland Teachers Union deputy general secretary Kate Ruttiman would not comment on the Thuringowa State High School incident "as it was being investigated by police" but said whether or not a teacher would attempt to break up a fight would depend on whether or not it was safe to do so.

"Generally we recommend that there would be help sought," Ms Ruttiman said.