A MAN who violently attacked a woman while he was driving and chased her down when she tried to escape struck her so hard she soiled her pants.

It was a horrifying assault that went "on and on" the Gympie Magistrates Court heard this week, and just one of several serious charges that 52-year-old Bongaree man Darren Wayne Scott Verboom pleaded guilty to via video link from prison.

His relationship to the woman was not made clear to the court, but just three days earlier, on April 29, last year, he had taken her car and crashed it into two parked cars after almost colliding head-on with a passing vehicle at Bongaree on Bribie Island.

He was drunk and driving unlicensed and verbally abused witnesses before fleeing the scene with two wine sacks, the court heard.


Gympie Magistrates Court, where Darren Wayne Scott Verboom pleaded guilty via video link from prison
Gympie Magistrates Court, where Darren Wayne Scott Verboom pleaded guilty via video link from prison



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But it was the assault on the woman on May 2 last year that was the most horrific offence, Gympie magistrate Chris Callaghan said.

The woman was a passenger, with Verboom driving, when a disagreement erupted between the two.

He started punching her in the side of the head and to defend herself, she started punching back, which triggered more violence.

Verboom grabbed her by the throat and clenched it tightly for almost a minute, leaving the woman struggling to breathe and "feeling dizzy like her head was going to explode from lack of oxygen", the court heard.

It was then that she broke free and jumped out of the car, but Verboom chased her down and stomped on her stomach so hard it caused her bowels to empty.

He then continued to kick her in the back, the court heard, before driving off.

He then returned and told her to get in the car and drove them to a motel room where the woman collapsed.


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She was then taken to hospital by ambulance.

It was one of several disturbing acts over a number of days that included damaging a police cell after he was arrested in relation to the car crash.

He was found at Bongaree Caravan Park screaming "f***ing c***s" to police.

He was taken into custody and charged with public nuisance and several driving offences including dangerous operation of a vehicle.

While in a cell at Caboolture Watchhouse, Verboom shoved a blanket and clothing down the cell toilet, forcing them into the S bend pipework and then continually flushed the toilet.

Waste overflowed into his cell, the exercise yard and another cell, the Gympie court heard.

Weeks later, on June 13, last year, at Preston near Toowoomba, Verboom violently struck out at the neighbour of a woman he was threatening.

"Get out here or I'll get the bikies around here," he was heard yelling outside her house.

The woman's neighbour drove to the front of the house to help.

When Verboom saw him he accused the man of stalking and punched him in the head through the driver's window.

Verboom was wearing a handful of metal rings at the time that left the man's face bloodied.

He then grabbed the man's shirt near his neck and threatened him before spitting all over his car, the court heard.


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His offending continued into this year when in early January he was seen talking to himself at the Gold Coast Airport and waving a knife.

He then used the steel dining knife to stir food and slipped it in his backpack.

At the same time he obstructed an official on duty, the court heard.

On January 25, he was charged with public nuisance after he was caught yelling outside the Bribie Island police station.

"F**k you c***s, you f***ing tatooed c***s driving around in your big Landcruisers. I know what you c***s are up to," he was heard yelling.

He was also charged with failing to report in Toowoomba between June 19-26 last year, driving disqualified and drunk at Ningi on May 1 last year, and failing to appear at Caboolture Magistrates Court on March 17.


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This year, he was charged with failing to appear at Southport Magistrates Court on March 2.

The magistrate described his behaviour as "dreadful and outrageous".

He said the assault on the woman was "awful and went on and on".

"You unlawfully used her car and almost had a head-on collision with a person driving on the other side of the road.

"Warrants had to be issued. You don't seem to care about court orders."

He said jail time was the only answer and sentenced him to a total of two years' in prison, taking into account 208 days already served.

He was given a parole release date of New Years eve, December 31, this year, when he will move in with his parents at Wondai.

He was disqualified from driving for three years.