Views on council rates

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Strange that 5 councilors expressed reservations about the 2 important decisions, yet joined in a unanimous vote to pass a rate rise and further funds to be used as disgresional spending by councilors. At a time when Australians are going bankrupt, losing their jobs, and super is   insensitive and unnecessary impost.

Even the federal government have frozen their pay rises and fixed rentals .

I am especially disappointed that the new councilors were missing in action in  one of the two most important votes of their short tender.

They should hopefully be aware of Ipswich being ranked near the bottom of the socio economic  scale. I would suggest  that finding an extra $245 for rates will be most difficult for many. Questions will continue to be asked as to why our rates are much higher than Brisbane.

Councillors expressing their concern should have been uncomfortable about refusing to comment in respect of these 2 major decisions. I note that Cr Madsen felt that he would lose sleep over these decisions .  They are refusing to make any comment . What an extraordinary move in the face of a transparency test.

Having attended a few election forums and served as part of the committee where transparency was considered to be a key to the new council.  It is repeated twice in the QT.

Looks like they have fallen at the first hurdle.

This is both inopportune and  Insensitive .  Transparency . What transparency?

David Harris