VIDEO: Backpacker gets his car bogged on mudflats


A BACKPACKER'S North Queensland adventure became a rescue mission for a travel blogger when his car became stuck in salt pans south of Home Hill.

Jaidyn Battista, who runs the Young Adventures Australia Facebook page responded to the desperate backpacker's call for help on social media.

Images shared to the 4WD 4X4 Rescue Recovery Australia Facebook group showed Hugo Akrich's red Honda CRV severely bogged in the soft mud.

"After 24h and lots of effort the car is still in the mud and impossible to get it out," Mr Akrich's post read.

"If you are around this area I call your humanity, to come and give me a hand. Everyone is needed for this event. With 10-15 men we will make it." It is understood the vehicle had been stuck for almost a week when Mr Battista made the effort to assist on Monday.

"I travel full time and was just passing through on my way south when I saw the call for help," Mr Battista said.

"Another vehicle had tried to pull him out a few days earlier but I believe they didn't break the suction first.

"Self recovery was the only option and the safest option. I was reluctant to use my highlift jack knowing it could make things dangerous but it was essential to break the suction underneath the car.

"Once it was high enough we dug out the rest of the car as much as we could to break the suction and make the whole recovery a lot easier."

Mr Battista said it was smiles all around when the car was out of the bog.

"Afterwards we spent over half an hour cleaning up the site as much as we could, bringing the rest of the gear back to the vehicles and inflating his tires," Mr Battista said.

"All up the recovery and clean up took about four and a half hours.

"Hugo learnt a lot that day and was absolutely stoked that we got it out without using another vehicle.

"I've helped out in countless situations in my travels but nothing like this before," he said.

Originally published as VIDEO: Traveller gets his car bogged on mudflats