Video that got a man sacked


A MAN in New York is claiming he was fired from a pizza shop after showing his boss fellow employees mishandling food.

Matthew Grady was allegedly fired from Syracuse pizzeria Key Pizza after showing his manager a video of other employees picking spilt chicken wings off the floor with plans to still serve them to customers.



"Like 400 wings dropped on the ground. They're like, 'Nah I'm going to pick these up and use them'. So they picked them up washed them, used them, fried them," Mr Grady told Spectrum News.

The wings were allegedly rinsed off and served to customers that day.

The restaurant's cleanliness concerned Mr Grady, who claims chicken is left out "for hours" and trays to prepare the pizza are placed on trash cans.

Key Pizza owner Sarfraz Mann refutes the claims, telling Spectrum News his business has never had a problem with health violations.

"We treat them good; have the quality, the service, the sanitisation," Mr Mann said. "The city inspector is passing us so there's nothing else to say from anyone."

Mr Mann did admit, however, that when the kitchen gets busy "that's when you get caught" making mistakes. But he says if he had been present when the employees were picking up the spilt chicken, he would have handled it better.

"I would've made them throw them away," Mr Mann said. "He could've been handled a better way, but it wasn't because they were doing their thing."

This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission