SHOCK footage has shown the recovery of a 24-tonne excavator that plummeted 7 metres off a wooden bridge, trapping a Coast man inside.

The excavator operator, a Maroochydore man in his 60s, suffered multiple trauma injuries after an excavator he was operating fell off the Ennis Bridge in Nanango in March.

He was dismantling the timber bridge when part of it gave way, causing the excavator to tip over and fall into the dry creek below.

The excavator landed upside down, trapping the Sunshine Coast man inside.

He was airlifted to Brisbane in a serious condition, but survived the accident.

Accident retrieval experts Clayton's Towing released the video on Sunday detailing the recovery of the digger.

"Major excavator crash after this bridge that the digger was dismantling collapsed from under it," Clayton's Towing posted.

Multiple people commented on the video to the state how lucky the excavator was to be alive.

"Glad he survived. Looks nasty," Glenn Casey

"Oh boy. Not good, lucky the driver escaped Just hope he will be ok," Lorraine England.

Some readers questioned why the heavy machinery was being used on the rotting bridge at all.

"I can't believe an excavator was on the condemned bridge in the first place," Lesley Wilson said.

The video has been viewed more than 20,800 times.