Video captures livid cops going off at Covid-19 hoons


EXASPERATED cops have slammed Queensland motorists caught travelling at deadly speeds during COVID-19 lockdown.

On Sunday at Birnam, in the Scenic Rim region, a driver was caught doing an "absolutely stupid" 173km/h in a 100 zone while over taking a car that was travelling at 152km/h.

A frustrated police officer told the driver what would happen if he lost control

"You are not going to survive it and you could kill someone else," he said

"Honestly that is an absolutely stupid speed.

"Why are you doing that kind of speed mate, come on! What are you trying to do."

Queensland Police have decided to release footage of the encounter in an effort to stop people speeding.

To combat the increasing number of deaths on the state's road, police will also reintroduce random speed cameras and continue to patrol speed limits.

Three high-speed violations were detected by police within a matter of hours on Monday.

In one incident a driver was intercepted doing 153km/h in a 70 zone on Albert Street and Logan River Road, at Bethania.


Queensland Police slam speeding motorists during COVID19 lockdown.
Queensland Police slam speeding motorists during COVID19 lockdown.


Another saw a motorcyclists on the Pacific Hwy at Pimpama speeding at 161km/h in a 100 zone.

On the Bruce Highway between Barretts and Howard Heights Road at Cherwell driver was pulled over after he was detected doing 168km/h in a 100 zone.

Despite a 30 per cent reduction in traffic volumes there has been a 26 per cent increase in speed camera detection rates.

Assistant Commissioner of Road Policing Command Mike Keating said the sharp increase in speed detections could be associated with a misconception of reduced police activity due to COVID-19.

"Police are still proactively patrolling road networks and our fixed and mobile trailer cameras are still active to ensure motorists were obeying the road rules," he said.

"The road rules in Queensland have not changed in any way and motorists exceeding the speed limit can expect to see enforcement action taken by police."