All these people are doing the important and exciting things you wish you were doing.
All these people are doing the important and exciting things you wish you were doing. Kieran Bicheno

Victorians beat Queenslanders in financial smarts

A NATIONAL survey by the Queensland Institute has found the majority of Australians say next month is the best time to start budgeting.

The Queensland Institute Money Matters Survey was jointly sponsored by the Queensland Institute and the Indonesian Maritime Association to gauge the financial literacy of the average Australian.

Researchers spoke to respondents from all age groups and across all forms of communication to find 63% across all categories consider 'next month' to be the most effective time to put their finances in order.

Queensland Institute Head of Community Research Ewen Aishart said the figures point to growing financial savvy among Australians.

"When we can get such high numbers of people responding confidently that they have a solid plan to budget so near in the future, we can only assume the message of fiscal responsibility is getting through," Mr Aishart said.

"The current federal government is really leading the way in terms of responsible handling of money.

"We were glad to see during our focus groups so many people admitting to abandoning the sick and vulnerable in their family in favour of helping their friends pay off their business loans."

Victorians scored highest in terms of preparedness for financial problems, with 45% saying they were "very well prepared" for further economic tightening while Queenslanders came third with 27%.

Queenslanders were, however, top of the pile when it came to financial forecasting, with 51% saying they'd posted at least one angry comment to an online article about the economy in the preceding 12 months.


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