Sen-Sgt Daren Edwards at Maroochydore police station.
Sen-Sgt Daren Edwards at Maroochydore police station.

‘Vicious’ attack on elderly woman linked to removalists

A 77-year-old woman was bashed and threatened with a screwdriver in one of two "vicious" robberies linked to removalist companies.

Two men with face coverings attacked the woman in her Landsborough home on Tuesday morning.

Sunshine Coast Criminal Investigation Branch officer-in-charge Daren Edwards said the men arrived at her Eumeralla Cres home in a black two-door Holden Astra about 7.15am.

The woman's husband was out at the shops when the men entered their garage.

"There that lady was confronted and threatened with a screwdriver," Sen-Sgt Edwards said.

"And certainly one of those males took that lady to the ground where she was punched and kicked a number of times."

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Sen-Sgt Edwards said the men threatened the woman and demanded to know the location of a safe.

"It's a violent, and quite a gutless attack on a 77-year-old lady, threatening her," he said.

"She was able to remain calm, surprisingly, and was able to yell out to neighbours for assistance."

He said the attack was linked to another incident which occurred last week.

Both victims had recently used a removalist.

A man approached a 20-year-old Mudjimba resident at his home and questioned him on Monday, August 31.

Sen-Sgt Edwards said the unknown man later returned to "savagely" bash the 20-year-old.

"Certainly after that he made threats once again," he said.

"A male was demanding to ask where a safe was in that residence."

A laptop and phone was stolen.

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Sen-Sgt Edwards said a silver or light-grey Rav-4 with a hibiscus number plate had been linked to the Mudjimba assault.

It's believed one of the offenders may have a "Chinese-style tattoo" on his cheek or neck.

Sen-Sgt Edwards said police had made inquiries with two different removalist companies who had been cooperative and provided details of employees associated with the homes.

"However, it's more than coincidental to me that two residences, both engaged with removalists, have been subject to violent assaults and demands to know where a safe was at that location," Sen-Sgt Edwards said.

"So I'm really asking people to come forward and certainly people will know who these offenders are."

He believed members of the public would have information that could assist police.

Contact Policelink on 131444.