Veronicas star reveals baby heartbreak


Veronicas singer Lisa Origliasso has opened up about recently suffering an ectopic pregnancy, telling fans about the rollercoaster journey she and husband Logan Huffman went on after she fell pregnant.

Lisa, one half of Aussie pop duo The Veronicas with sister Jess, married Huffman in November 2018. In a series of Instagram Stories, the 35-year-old singer shared the couple's heartbreaking story.

"A month ago all of our dreams seemed to have come true. We'd found out I had fallen pregnant. We cried, laughed and held on to each other in pure excitement that we were going to start a great journey," she wrote.

"As a couple we always had an understanding to a certain extent of the miracle of life, how it is strong and fragile all at once. But now we truly appreciate that from our own experience. Sometimes pain can bring about the greatest growth."

Origliasso explained that she experienced irregular bleeding from the beginning of the pregnancy, which worsened as the days wore on.

The couple on their 2018 wedding day.
The couple on their 2018 wedding day.

"My heart sank and I knew something was wrong," she wrote. "It was in fact, an ectopic pregnancy. And I needed urgent medical attention to prevent it from becoming critical. I was immediately admitted to hospital. Sometimes in life no matter which way we step, no matter what choice we make, we're destined to hurt."

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fetus develops outside the uterus: "The pregnancy is not viable and if it continues to grow would be life-threatening to the mother," Origliasso explained.

"I was told I was just one of the 'really unlucky ones'. But I cannot see that as truth. It's been some of the darkest times of our lives yes, but it's also been some of the happiest."

Origliasso said she and Huffman won't let the setback get them down and promised to keep fans updated on their plans to start a family.

"Inevitably, I know one day we will have a family. But it just wouldn't feel right to share the good news in the future, without paying respect, love and bringing awareness to the heartbreaking journey so many women and couples face everyday," she concluded.

The pair wed in a gorgeous Sunshine Coast ceremony in 2018, with Lisa's sister Jess acting as bridesmaid. At the time, Lisa described Huffman as "the man of my dreams".

Veronicas fans got an insight into the couple's relationship and home life in Los Angeles when Huffman appeared in The Veronicas' 2019 reality series, which screened locally on Foxtel. The Veronicas: Blood is for Life tracked the siblings falling out over Jess' relationship with Aussie actor Ruby Rose, and eventual reconciliation after that relationship ended.