Vanessa Amorosi: I don’t want my son to experience what I did



Despite showing early signs of his famous mum's musical ability, Vanessa Amorosi does not want her four-year-old son to follow in her footsteps.

The award-winning Australian singer grew up in a household of musicians and knows too well how much of a struggle the business of music can be.

"I don't think I want him in the music industry," the Absolutely Everybody singer told the JMo Confidential podcast. "I think back to my family because my parents were both musicians and it was a struggling lifestyle wondering whether you are going to have money for the next month."

Vanessa Amorosi with her Killian. Picture: Instagram
Vanessa Amorosi with her Killian. Picture: Instagram

She continued: "When I think of my son, I just don't want that burden of when you are an artist, I just feel like it is very hard to survive on that. Being successful is almost like winning the Lotto for musicians. Whether you can make that last your entire career is the mission. To live off it is a task."

Amorosi and martial arts trainer partner Rod Busby live in Los Angeles with their young son, Killian.

She is extremely private and has only shared a few photos of her son on social media, and when she does, only from the back of his head.

"I have always been kind of shy and private, even before anything really took off I always stuck to myself," she said. "I have gotten better as I've gotten older with being more social and being more outgoing but I am just a super private person and I am very protective of people within my circle."

Of his musical ability, she said: "I don't really encourage him to sing or anything like that. I just let him be him but he definitely has the melody thing so if you get in the car and he hears a song, he has this memory that takes a photo of that and when you get out of the car, he knows the melody from the beginning to the end. If you bring up that melody and if you are in the wrong key, he will make you switch to the right key."

The singer has been working on new music during lockdown.
The singer has been working on new music during lockdown.

Amorosi will on Saturday headline a virtual concert for Tix Presents on Saturday at 8pm.

In lockdown, she has been busy working on new music and in fact has recorded a whole album over just a couple of weeks.

Some of the new tracks are titled Isolation and Nobody Talks To You Like That.

"I am very blessed, very lucky," Amorosi, 38, said of her music. "There is no other option for me because that is the thing that drives me. I am not good at anything else. I am not an actress, I am not a model, I am not a TV host, what I can do is write songs and I can sing and I can perform."

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