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The Vamps got naked surprise

THE Vamps had a fan break into their hotel room when they were naked.

The quartet - which comprises James McVey, Bradley Simpson, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans - split their time between the US and UK but revealed fans in their home country are definitely crazier.

Tristan revealed: "We've had fans from both countries jump in front of our van, which is quite extreme, but in England a fan actually got into our hotel room. That was pretty weird as Connor and James were naked at the time!"

The British band have a few famous fans across the pond too.

After supporting Taylor Swift on the London leg of her Red Tour in February 2014, they got invited to have dinner with her when they got to America.

James told Top of the Pops magazine: "We're pals with Shawn Mendes and Hailee Steinfeld. And we've stayed in touch with Taylor Swift since touring with her a couple of years ago, so she invited us round for dinner, it was pretty surreal!"

And the group appreciated the kind gesture, because they sometimes get "homesick" while on tour.

Brad, 20, said: "It does get hard being away from your family and being on buses or trains for eight hours a day, but it's amazing to experience different cities. Facetime helps with homesickness, but you sometimes have to remind yourself it's worth being away. At least these guys are like my family.