USQ poised to grow with the Ipswich region

A $45 MILLION building opens at Springfield, a new campus in Ipswich swings into life and USQ stamps itself as our university.

It's all good news for the young school leavers of the district looking to find a progressive and caring environment in which to further their education.

I'll put up my hand and say I have a vested interest in USQ with my daughter having just enrolled in a nursing degree at the Ipswich campus.

She has only been their a few weeks, but has already spoken highly of the friendly atmosphere on campus.

The decision by the university to take over the former UQ campus makes great sense for USQ, which has its origins in Toowoomba.

This is the fastest growing area in the state and the executives steering USQ realised the timing was perfect to grow with the region.

Did USQ find a Rembrandt in the garage?

My opinion is yes.

The Ipswich campus was underutilised for years and instead of progressing with the district it was stagnating under UQ.

This is not a direct criticism of UQ, which is a fine university and was recently listed amongst the best in the world.

The truth was they didn't see the campus at Ipswich as a high priority.

It will be exactly the opposite for the new caretakers who have shown in the past decade that they are keen to embrace more students and to actually see them get jobs.