USA posturing puts Aussies in difficult position


The old adage:" Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer!" applies to nations, as well as individuals.

Our PM's advice to both USA and China to: "Tone down the hostilities" is in our best interests as a nation.

The past four years, the USA's rhetoric: "Make America Great", has resulted in its cutting ties with China, one of the most populated and greatest trading-partner in the Indo-Pacific Region.

Australia's greatest ally and our greatest trading partner are at odds with one another, causing tense relationships with us as a nation, reliant on both.

This has put us in an untenable dilemma with both.

China has reacted to Australia with fervour, because we are a democracy allied with America on all counts.

Our trade relationship has suffered and future prospects for tourism and education seem also to be in jeopardy.

China is a significant force to be reckoned with in the region. We are caught between a rock and a hard place in this crisis.

We are attempting to remain neutral, which has not bluffed China's administration which calls the tune. They see us as allied with the USA, also deemed a democracy and loyal to freedom of choice.

Scott Morrison is attempting to remain "friends" with both, but it seems to go down like a lead balloon with China.

Our trade relies heavily on China, which votes with its feet.

We are a global village, one unit with many entities, but not entire unto ourselves.

Maybe from 20 January 2021, the rhetoric will soften, common sense will prevail and relationships restored.