Public servant sacked for peeing in kettle


A South Australian public servant has been sacked over the discovery of urine in an office kitchen kettle.

The Department of Human Services confirmed on Tuesday that an employee had been sacked after a long-running investigation into the incident, which occurred last year at a Disability SA after hours office.

The matter took more than a year to resolve after the March 2018 incident, with the investigation only finalised when the employee was sacked in July this year.

Workers had feared there was also blood in the urine, however the department said testing had found none present.

"When the incident was reported, an investigation was immediately commenced by the DHS Incident Management Unit … the department's investigative body for any employee misconduct matters," a department spokeswoman said.

"The investigation found that urine was present in a workplace kettle. No blood was found.

"The thorough investigation found that a particular individual was at fault and this employee has since been terminated from the department."