Staff and students at Ipswich State High School evacuate to the oval.
Staff and students at Ipswich State High School evacuate to the oval.

UPDATE: Written note behind high school’s bomb scare

UPDATE: The Department of Education has confirmed an earlier bomb threat at Ipswich State High was received by note.

A spokesman for the Department said a precautionary lockdown was initiated about 10.20am on Wednesday after staff were made aware of the threat.

"Like all Queensland state schools, Ipswich State High School holds the safety of its students and staff as its highest priority," he said.

"The Queensland Police Service was immediately notified and attended the school."

He said parents had also been notified of the incident by text.

"Classes resumed in the afternoon after the school was given the all-clear by the Queensland Police Service."

"Guidance Officer support is available for any students that might require it."

UPDATE, 1.20pm: Students have returned to class following an alleged bomb scare at Ipswich State High School.

It is understood no objects of concern were found during an extensive search of the school.

Nearby roads, including Hunter St, have since been reopened to traffic.

Visitors have also been permitted to leave school grounds.

A Queensland Police spokesman said the operation concluded about 12.30pm.

UPDATE, 12.30pm: Ipswich State High School officials have confirmed the school was the subject of a bomb threat earlier today.

In a statement posted to social media, a spokesman said safety procedures had been quickly implemented in response.

It is understood the threat was made by phone call just after 10am Wednesday morning.

"Following official Department of Education procedures, students were evacuated and police were called," the spokesman said.

"Police are currently in attendance. All staff and students are safe."

It is understood some individuals have been relocated to classrooms.

UPDATE, 12pm: Emergency crews are still working to secure the scene of an alleged bomb scare at Ipswich State High School.

A Queensland Police spokeswoman said crews had not yet located any concerning objects.

It is understood evacuees have been told they may have to remain on school grounds until 4pm Wednesday afternoon.

Nearby roads remain closed to traffic.

No injuries have been reported.

INITIAL, 11am: An emergency evacuation is currently underway at Ipswich State High School in response to an alleged bomb scare.

It is understood the incident was first reported to authorities about 10.20am on Wednesday morning.

Staff and students have since been relocated to the oval as emergency crews work to secure the scene.

At least four police units, multiple paramedics and firefighters are at the scene.

A Queensland Police spokeswoman was unable to confirm the nature of the incident.

She said nearby roads, including Hunter St, had been closed to traffic in response.

Parents are advised not to travel to the school at Brassall.

The Department of Education has been approached for comment.

More to come.