Welsh travel vloggers and influencers Craig Holmes and Aimee Bannister, aka Kinging it
Welsh travel vloggers and influencers Craig Holmes and Aimee Bannister, aka Kinging it

Until we can travel, this is the next best thing

With airports like ghost towns, the skies free of planes and borders closed, Australians aren't travelling anywhere any time soon.

As someone who travels as much as possible and loves planning travel, this has been one of the additional challenges of the lockdown and pandemic for me.

But I've found myself with a whole new bucket list of places to visit after spending the last four months watching travel vlogs created by travel influencers, and planning for future trips.

Obviously travel vloggers can't venture too far at the moment either, and lots of them are buying campervans to travel wherever they are.

But they also have extensive vlogs of previous trips that can take you down all kinds of wonderful travel rabbit holes.

So, if you've got the travel bug but can't go anywhere far-flung, check out some of these travel vlogger channels for some top travel inspo.



Craig and Aimee from South Wales in the UK have had my partner and I in stitches these last few months with their very honest and innovative approach to travel.

With the tagline of 'Rule your own world', their highlights include a 31-episode series about them taking part in the Mongol Rally - driving a Fiat Panda from Barry in South Wales to Russia via Mongolia and everywhere in between, as well as driving the length of India in a tuk-tuk.

If you're looking for travel ideas with a wicked sense of humour, make them your first stop. And check out their podcast too.





Flying the Nest

Aussie couple Stephen and Jess have been travelling the world for the last five years and have been just about everywhere.

Their footage is top notch and they're a down to earth couple - and now new parents - who like to show the food as much as they do the destination.

They have a great mix of luxury and budget travel vlogs for aspirational travel, and their travel in Turkey series has sent it straight to the top of my bucket list.






British duo Jesse Burgess and Will Warr travel the world, spending 48 hours in key locations and telling you what you should eat and drink there.

Their budgets seem big, their locations lavish and I've no idea how they stay so skinny but they showcase the best of a city's food and drinking culture in 48 hours.

Cape Town, Los Angeles and Amsterdam were particularly entertaining. Check them out and prepare to drool!




Kara & Nate

This married couple from Nashville in the USA had an aim of vising 100 countries by 2020 and they've managed that, wracking up 621,833 miles flown, and 6197 cups of coffee consumed along the way.

They're currently driving a van across the USA, but one of their standout trips pre-pandemic,  was a series of video chronicling their adventures in the Antarctic.
Well worth a watch.