Unpaid tolls catch up with suspended driver

AN Ipswich man caught driving when suspended says he hadn't understood how the system worked when police intercepted his car.

But driver Mitchell Winduss knew he had a few unpaid tolls and had received a letter from the Department of Transport.

Mitchell James Winduss, 25, from Leichhardt, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to driving when unlicensed, SPER suspended, on Sunday, July 15.

Prosecutor Constable Dave Shelton said police intercepted his car in Carole Park at 12.20pm.

Checks revealed the driver's licence to have been SPER-suspended from June 13.

Constable Shelton said Winduss told the officer he received a letter but did not contact the department as he had no employment at the time to pay the toll fees.

"I understand I was not meant to be driving. I did not understand how the system works and thought I had more time," Winduss said.

"I'm starting a new job next week."

Winduss was fined $350 - sent to SPER, and disqualified from driving for one month.