TIME RUNNING OUT: Somerset Council is looking to auction off properties if long overdue rates bills are not paid.
TIME RUNNING OUT: Somerset Council is looking to auction off properties if long overdue rates bills are not paid. Kevin Farmer

UNPAID RATES: Which 40 properties Somerset Council will sell

MORE than $1.6 million in overdue rates are currently owed in the Somerset Region, and the council are taking drastic measures to reclaim their cash.

Under law, councils are able to seize and sell land to cover the costs of unpaid rates.

There are conditions in place for the use of this measure, usually requiring a court order, but this is not required for properties owing three or more years of outstanding charges.

Somerset Regional Council puts out its rates on a half-yearly basis, with due dates usually falling in February and August.

In the rate period ending in February of this year, 22 properties were slated to be auctioned.

Of these, 17 of the sale actions have been ceased, after payment was received by council.

For the rate period that ended in August, 40 properties, several which consist of multiple allotments, have been recommended for auction.

  • 33 Allambie Road, Coominya
  • 62 Hacienda Crescent, Coominya
  • Two adjoining lots on Richard Street, Esk
  • 30 Simpson Street, Fernvale
  • 90 George Street, Linville
  • 35 Peace Street, Lowood
  • 6 Green Street, Lowood
  • 144 Annette Road, Lowood
  • 24 Railway Terrace, Moore
  • Two lots at 12 Third Avenue, Somerset Dam
  • 39 Gardner Street, North Toogoolawah
  • 23 Old Fernvale Road, Fernvale
  • 106 Reids Avenue, Wivenhoe Pocket
  • 13 Brolga Street, Lowood
  • 45 Walnut Crescent, Lowood
  • 157 Jendra Road, Coolana
  • 12 Gehrke Court, Minden
  • 25 Rose Avenue, Minden
  • 99 Herrmanns Road, Prenzlau
  • 1989 Forest Hill Fernvale Road, Mount Tarampa
  • 43 Mullers Road, Mount Tarampa
  • 82 Pakleppa Lane, Mount Tarampa
  • 82 Profkes Road, Mount Tarampa
  • 60 Lake Street, Atkinsons Dam
  • Two lots at 64 Selwyn Road, Esk
  • 15 O'Grady Road, Redbank Creek
  • 713 Old Mount Beppo Road, Mount Beppo
  • 278 Dead Horse Lane, Toogoolawah
  • 353 Emu Creek Road, Colinton
  • 14 Natan Road, Fernvale
  • 3 Broadwood Street, Fernvale
  • 300 Grays Road, Royston
  • 424 Mount Kiicoy Road, Mount Kilcoy
  • 18 Myieema Road, Mount Archer
  • 2 lots at Oakland Park Drive, Hazeldean

Should the intention to sell be passed for these properties, the owners will have between three and six months to repay the owed money.

The decision will be made at tomorrow's Somerset Council meeting.