'Staggered and amazed': Why my wife can't get a job

I AM fully supportive of Tony Wiggins (QT 02/09).

The lay-offs are coming to Ipswich big time.

There is another story. We came to Ipswich thinking that with these growth estimations, my wife would stand a better chance of getting a job. No chance.

In NSW, she studied business administration at TAFE. Her attendance was 100% and she came top in her studies.

She speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and English and has worked for an import-export company. She has taught English to Chinese.

Meantime, she put together an impressive CV which was distributed far and wide. I was staggered and amazed that she did not get one interview.

She was then in her early 50s. So what is this all about?

As Tony points out, it must be ageism. I shudder to think if it is racism.

I could see her suffering as she studied so hard. How soul-destroying.

She is super-organised and meticulous and very hard-working.

She would be a real asset to any company willing to give her a chance. She is studying child care and watches as young people are offered jobs whilst she isn't.

I'm with you, Tony.

How does she join your club?


Address withheld