Tziporah’s bizarre f-bomb rant to police

A flurry of new Instagram videos posted by Tziporah Malkah have sparked fresh concerns for the former model's welfare.

In a video posted on Monday evening, Malkah, formerly known as Kate Fischer, is behind the camera as two police officers come to the door of her apartment. One tells her they are there to undertake a compliance check for an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) that's been taken out against her.


Two police officers visit Malkah.
Two police officers visit Malkah.


Tziporah Malkah. Picture: Brett Costello
Tziporah Malkah. Picture: Brett Costello

"And here we go again … I've got two of them. I'm so f***ing angry with him for doing this to me," she tells the police officers, as they read out the conditions of the ADVO and remind her of her upcoming court date.

"I beg your pardon, officer. You can call me queen, if you insist on titles. Your majesty. Have a good day, GET F***ED," she says, as she slams her door in the police officers' faces.


In the caption accompanying the video, Malkah told her Instagram followers to "please stop asking me if I'm OK it's really annoying".

"I don't mean that in a bad way. I love that ppl do care I just can't wallow in the drama I need to move on," she wrote.

Last year Malkah pleaded guilty to assaulting her former partner Guy Vasey and three police officers. A South Australian court fined her $1200.

Two more Instagram videos posted hours after the confrontation with police show Malkah wandering around Kings Cross in search of a drink in the early hours of Tuesday morning, before getting into an argument with a security guard.

"Here's Kings Cross of today, thank you SO much, Gladys. And Mike Baird, you're a piece of s**t," says Malkah as she wanders through the empty streets of Kings Cross.

In the final video - posted at around 3am Tuesday morning - Malkah films a confrontation with a security guard on the empty streets of Kings Cross.

"Is your social media platform as big as mine?" she asks the guard, who is also filming her with his phone. "You're 5'5. A big man with a small penis. Open til 4am and doesn't serve drinks? Kings Cross is a s**thole."

Tziporah Malkah on A Current Affair.
Tziporah Malkah on A Current Affair.

The security guard asks Malkah why she's harassing him: "We told you to move along from here, and you're not moving along. You've been refused entry, and by law you need to move 50 metres from here," he tells her.

"Prove it, small penis … Yeah, you're gonna get fired. Enjoy being on the dole, motherf***er," she says.

These troubling social media posts stand in stark contrast to the other aspect of Malkah's life, appearing in glossy women's magazines and on television to discuss her recent 50kg weight loss. Last week Malkah made headlines posing for a photo shoot on a Sydney beach in a skimpy bikini.

In July, Malkah posted a flurry of late-night X-rated photos to her Instagram account, prompting questions from her followers about her state of mind.

Malkah, who was previously engaged to James Packer, disappeared from the public eye for more than a decade before signing on to appear in I'm a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here in 2017.