Tyga served at gig

Tyga was in the middle of a gig when he was served papers relating to his legal dispute with a former landlord.

The 'Rack City' hitmaker allegedly owes Gholamreza Rezai $480,285.00 in damages for his old rental property, which he vacated "sometime prior to" October 31, 2012, and was given a "gift" of legal documents informing him he was being sued while reaching out to the audience at a club show.

Boris Treyzon, the landlord's attorney, said: "We served him at Fluxx night club in San Diego on July 20th. He was performing on stage, reaching out to the audience, and our processor decided to give him a gift back."

According to the lawyer, Tyga - who had a warrant issued for his arrest on Tuesday (09.08.16) after he failed to attend a court hearing on the matter - understood the significance of the case when he received the papers and was aware of the implications when he splashed out on a $189,000 Mercedes-Maybach for girlfriend Kylie Jenner's 19th birthday.

And Rezai's legal representatives may even have the vehicle seized.

Treyzon added to People magazine: "On the date the debtor [Tyga]'s notice is served, there is a lien that's created on all of his assets. [That means] he isn't allowed to do any transfers.

"Once [Tyga was] served, the lien is created. Of course, we have an irate client who is owed half a million dollars and then the client reads that Tyga is giving a Maybach as a gift - that's in violation of two things.

"There is a hold on him transferring any assets while there is a judgment outstanding - that's going to be a separate action to recover that car unless the judgment is satisfied - and he's to appear in court, be placed under oath and he needs to answer questions."

Treyzon and his client are determined to keep pursuing the 26-year-old star until they recover all the money he allegedly owes.

The attorney said: "His history in this case has been that he's ignoring this obligation and many others.

"This is not the only judgment that is against him. I think we are the only ones who took it this far, because it's a large amount. We take our representation very seriously and we will continue to do it until our client is satisfied. Hopefully, now he understands there are repercussions and we will continue to push this matter forward. We will go wherever we have to go to make sure our client is paid."

And Treyzon is confident a new hearing will be scheduled soon.

He said: "He will be detained or dates certainly will be set. He will enter into an agreement that he or representation will appear at such a date."