Mother of three Alexis Jeffery's body was found on the banks of the McIntyre River in 2014.
Mother of three Alexis Jeffery's body was found on the banks of the McIntyre River in 2014.

Two suspects put to jury in murder trial opening

THE Toowoomba Supreme Court jury selected for the Alexis Jeffery murder trial has been given two suspects to consider on the first day of trial.

The Goondiwindi mother of three's almost naked body was found on the banks of the Macintyre River beneath the town's cultural centre on the morning of March 16, 2014.

Crown prosecutor Carl Heaton QC told the court it was the Crown case Ms Jeffery had been strangled with her own jeans which were later found nearby in a hedge, bloodied with one leg "crunched up".

The Crown claims Robert Ian Trebeck, 38, who had been seen with Ms Jeffery throughout the night was her killer.

Trebeck's DNA was found all over Ms Jeffery's body and her jeans, Mr Heaton told the jury in his opening address.

Trebeck has pleaded not guilty to murder.

In a brief statement to the jury, defence barrister Ben Power suggested another man, Daniel Rowsell, seen throughout the evening talking to Ms Jeffery and Trebeck and others in Goondiwindi was responsible.

The court heard Rowsell had been spoken to by police the day Ms Jeffery's body was found.

However, he has not been charged.

Mr Power said in a recorded conversation between his client and his parents after he was taken into custody upon being charged, Trebeck had given a true version of events.

His client said he had been on the river bank with Ms Jeffery that morning when Daniel Rowsell appeared and went to kick him, but he moved and the kick had missed and struck Ms Jeffery in the head.

Trebeck said he had then risen and run off, leaving Ms Jeffery on the bank with Daniel Rowsell.

Mr Heaton said it was expected the trial would take up to three weeks and hear from up to 54 witnesses including a range of people who had crossed paths with Ms Jeffery and Trebeck that night.

The trial before Justice John Bond continues.