Costco at Bundamba progress photographed on December 10, 2018.
Costco at Bundamba progress photographed on December 10, 2018. Rob Williams

Costco jobs latest, open date coming soon

WHILE works have been progressing at the Costco Bundamba site, new employees are still waiting to start work.

A Costco spokesperson today confirmed an announcement about the open date would come soon, but couldn't say when just yet.

The spokesperson said most of the jobs had been filled with employees either working at other sites or just waiting to start as the due date to open the store was delayed.

Costco was originally planned to open on November 29 but in October the store announced a delay in road works would push the opening back until the New Year.

"Just a reminder to our QLD members, Although the Ipswich warehouse was originally scheduled to open this month, and despite the best efforts of our contractors, we cannot open until the roadwork upgrades and related services are completed. For this reason, we will be delaying the opening until the new year, with a date to be announced," Costco posted to Facebook on November 29.

While people commenting on Facebook are throwing around a March open date the spokesperson could not confirm if that was accurate or if it wasn't.


Costco at Bundamba photographed on December10, 2018.
Progress at Costco Bundamba. Rob Williams

Close to 300 skilled workers were needed at the Ipswich warehouse.

Jobs from meat-wrappers and bakery sanitisers to stockists, petrol station attendants, tyre sales assistants, food court attendants, service deli assistants, rotisserie staff, merchandise stockers, front-end supervisors, front-end cashiers, assistants, optical managers and licensed optometrists.

The only jobs still available at Costco are a bakery forklift driver/ stocker and a wholesale AM/PM merchandise supervisor.

Some of those already employed are manning the Ipswich membership office which is still open from Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.


Costco at Bundamba photographed on December10, 2018.
Costco at Bundamba photographed on December 10, 2018. Rob Williams

Costco fans can't wait for the Ipswich store to open saying massive savings can be made.

The incentive to sign up now includes free access to other Costco stores until the Ipswich store officially opens.

Once open the membership will then be valid for one calendar year.

If you sign up after the store opens your membership will last a year from your sign up date.