Two bad decisions ruin blameless life of well-regarded woman

IN the space of 90 minutes, two very bad decisions made by a drink driver would lead to a serious impact on her life for the next two-and-a-half years.

Rural resident Colleen Gilmore was busted by police drink-driving in Lowood just before midnight. Her alcohol reading of 0.130 approached three times the legal limit.

She was spotted once again soon after driving at midnight and was still well over the legal limit when breath tested, giving an alcohol reading of 0.111

To compound matters, Gilmore had been suspended from driving after the first offence.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Gilmore had been under personal stress in her family life.

Colleen Annette Gilmore, 50, from Lowood, also named as Colleen Barter on the court list, pleaded guilty to two charges of drink driving at 10.30pm on November 24, and at 12.02am on November 25; and driving without a licence authority when on a suspended licence on November 25.

Prosecutor, Senior Constable Emma Ross said police first intercepted her car at 10.30pm at Lowood. She said officers could smell liquor on Gilmore's breath and when tested gave an alcohol reading of 0.13. After being charged (and her licence suspended) at the police station, Gilmore was then observed walking toward her parked car at 11.50pm.

Gilmore's lawyer said recent events in her otherwise blameless life had led to his client's spree, and that her work in the health care profession would likely result in her loss of employment.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess accepted she was a highly regarded woman.

Gilmore was fined $650, disqualified for three months on each drink driving charge (cumulative), and disqualified for two years for driving when suspended - a total of two and a half years.