Twitter boasts high five... plus others

TWITTER might have been a hit on the US stock market when it went public recently, but it turns out half of the social networking site's users come from just five countries.

As Mashable reports, new figures show that as of October this year, the US, Japan, the UK, Indonesia and Brazil accounted for exactly 50% of Twitter's 232 million active users.

The US is by far the largest market, accounting for 24.3%, while Japan was second with 9.3%.

Australia was lumped into the 26% of active users from "other" countries.

The PeerReach data also showed that 40% of Twitter's active users don't actually tweet, but instead only log in to their accounts.

Interestingly, Twitter's penetration, defined by PeerReach as the number of active tweeting users relative to the total amount of internet users, was highest in Saudi Arabia at 33%.

In terms of penetration, the US tied for seventh with the Netherlands at just 11%.