One of the tweets slamming Amy Shark
One of the tweets slamming Amy Shark

Twitstorm over Shark’s ‘racist’ TikTok video

GOLD Coast singer Amy Shark has apologised after a video she shared on controversial video platform TikTok last month was slammed on social media as racist.

The video, which featured Shark imitating an Asian woman working at a nail salon, was criticised on Twitter as inappropriate, tasteless and racist.

The Adore singer has since removed the video from her profile, and took to Twitter yesterday saying she never meant to cause any upset.


In since-deleted tweets, comedian Nina Oyama reportedly said: "Don't forget to check on ur white friends in isolation to make sure they aren't doing stupid bullshit like this."

Shark was accused of perpetuating a racist stereotype, with comments ranging from "Mmmm very racist" to "Who do people think it's funny to normalise this type of shit?"


One of the tweets slamming Amy Shark
One of the tweets slamming Amy Shark


Oyama went on to tell users not to "cancel" Shark, but instead "explain to her why it's bad". "The sound is a popular TikTok dub, which ripped off a racist stand-up routine from 10 years ago," the comedian wrote.

Oyama said she removed the tweet at Shark's request, adding she "was really sweet, and assured me that she understood where I was coming from."



The audio dub featured in Shark's TikTok video came from an old stand-up sketch from American comedian Anjelah Johnson.


Originally published as Twitstorm over Shark's 'racist' TikTok video