Miranda Kerr pictured on the set of the TV series Australia's Next Top Model.
Miranda Kerr pictured on the set of the TV series Australia's Next Top Model.

TV Insider: Miranda Kerr on dealing with model life

MIRANDA Kerr will open up about her spiritual approach to the fashion industry's demands on the small screen this week. The supermodel is the latest guest star to drop in on the current season of Australia's Next Top Model, Foxtel's catwalk talent search.

Behind the scenes the Los Angeles-based mum, who flew to Sydney with her son Flynn for just a few days to film for the show, shared one of her daily rituals with the aspiring models.

"I have these little treasure yourself affirmation cards, so I shuffled a pack and had each girl pick a random card," she tells me from the Top Model set.

"It was so sweet to see that spark of positivity have an effect on them. I do that; I shuffle the cards and take one out for the day. It's nice to have those little tools like affirmation and meditation."

Thanks to her early start as a model - she was discovered at the age of 13 in a Dolly magazine competition - Kerr has two decades of experience in the cut-throat industry from which to draw pearls of wisdom.

"The mind is very, very powerful and it's important to believe in yourself and understand and accept yourself because everyone is beautiful in their own way," she says.

"You have to become your own best friend and be kind to yourself because in this job there will be a lot of rejection. Depending on what city you live in you could go on 20 castings in a day and you might be lucky to get one of those jobs, and you can't take that personally."

Kerr was impressed with the show's remaining five contestants.

"Each of the girls is very different," she says. "There's not a type and that reflects what I feel is happening in the industry today."

The former Victoria's Secret Angel will also mentor them through a high fashion, costume-inspired photo shoot.

"I've had to deal with a lot of angel wings and things in my past," she says. "The challenge is to not be intimidated or overwhelmed with so many props and styling. You need to own the clothes and your energy needs to be larger than life.

"They also need to have fun with it and not take it too seriously ... we're not saving people's lives here; we're having fun with fashion."

Australia's Next Top Model airs on Tuesday at 6.30pm Queensland, 7.30pm NSW on Fox8.