Tuning into Ipswich’s civic pride

OPINION: JUST as the world of news reporting is changing before our eyes, so is the world of radio.

Gone are the days of simply dialling in your favourite station on the home or car stereo, you can now do the same thing on your phone or computer, or any device with an internet connection.

West Bremer Radio is what you might call a relative fledging to the game, yet they have well and truly hit the ground running in terms of their willingness to get involved in the Ipswich community.

If you are not familiar with West Bremer Radio, then it might be worth looking them up online and having a listen.

We at the QT owe them a great deal of gratitude for including us in their regular morning timeslots to talk about the daily headlines, while the crew from West Bremer was also instrumental in helping to organise our election coverage earlier this year.

News that the station is now moving into a new studio in the Top of Town (see page 4) comes as a welcome boost to the city, and is hopefully a sign of further investment in our city centre yet to come.

There is little doubt that having a locally focused radio station in the heart of the CBD is a great way to restore some of the home town pride we may have been lacking of late.