Paul Tully
Paul Tully David Nielsen

'Labor out of office until 2024'

ELECTION analyst Cr Paul Tully says the ALP will be out of office in Queensland until at least 2024.

Boasting he was the only analyst to predict Labor would be reduced to seven seats, Cr Tully said it could not realistically hope to regain office in less than four terms.

"In 1974, the ALP was reduced to a cricket team; now it's one short of a rowing team," he said.

"New LNP members will be able to consolidate their majorities as the ALP did for the past 20 years making it impossible for Labor to make serious inroads for another 12 or 15 years. The next ALP premier is probably not yet in parliament."

Cr Tully said the public never forgave Anna Bligh over asset sales, electricity prices, water reforms, payroll debacles, forced local government amalgamations and the fake Tahitian prince fraud scandal.

He also predicted Campbell Newman would retire from state politics after two terms.