TIME FOR PROMOTION: Cr Paul Tully with his son John Paul and his wife Liza after winning his 12th consecutive election.
TIME FOR PROMOTION: Cr Paul Tully with his son John Paul and his wife Liza after winning his 12th consecutive election. Inga Williams

Tully is the best man to be deputy mayor

PAUL Tully is a no brainer to be the next Ipswich deputy mayor and deserves the gig.

Cr Tully is the longest serving councillor in Ipswich's 156 year history and has won 12 consecutive elections.

His vote percentage in Division 2 is tracking at 82.41%, the highest of any councillor in Queensland.

That is a vote of confidence from the public that is unmatched and speaks volumes as to how the people of this city respond to his work as a councillor.

He has not held the position of deputy mayor, but after 37 years as a councillor it is now his time.

We expect the deputy mayor to be able to step up a deputise for Cr Pisasale at official and ceremonial functions and at community and other events as required.

The deputy mayor provides advice and guidance to the mayor and other councillors and is a conduit between other councillors and the mayor. They are also directly involved in the annual budget process, and in all council committees.

They need to have a broad appreciation of all council affairs including finances, regulatory services, legal services and town planning, which is an area Cr Tully fits like a glove.

He already works closely with Cr Pisasale on council owned companies.

Cr Pisasale and Cr Tully as a duo would certainly make it interesting for us journalists, maybe too interesting for their fellow councillors' liking.

But they both gets things done and in this next four-year term this city needs movers and shakers so Ipswich can shine.

I have dealt closely with Cr Tully over the years and what stands out is his knowledge on all manner of subjects and his great interest in making the world a better place.

He has fought many battles on behalf of the general public, whether it be taking on the French on a protest boat in the South Pacific over nuclear testing in the Mururoa Atoll, successfully protesting the placement of a radioactive waste dump in Redbank or calling a press conference to force the state government to change legislation to allow palm readers to practise their craft legally. The list goes on.

You may wonder how that relates to the role of deputy mayor, but if we want our leaders in public office to have intelligence and be innovative then Cr Tully is well qualified.

Cr Tully makes politics interesting. There's nothing dull about him.

Cr Andrew Antoniolli and Cr Cheryl Bromage, if she puts her hand up, will mount strong cases for why they should be deputy mayor.

David Morrison is favoured by some and is highly regarded for his calm demeanour and level head. He will also come into the picture, as will new councillor Wayne Wendt.

This will all be decided on numbers in a secret ballot with the 10 councillors and mayor voting.

For mine, Cr Tully is the man. This view will not surprise the other councillors, but on every level I don't see how you can go past him.

Who would get your vote for deputy mayor of Ipswich?

This poll ended on 29 March 2016.

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Wayne Wendt


Cheryl Bromage


Paul Tully


Andrew Antoniolli


David Morrison


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