Tszyu shreds ‘fake, irrelevant’ Horn


While Jeff Horn has taken on the bulk of the smack talk in the lead up to his highly anticipated bout with Tim Tszyu on Wednesday night, the 25-year-old has finally hit back.

Although most of Horn's verbal blows have just been brushed off by the 25-year-old son of Aussie boxing legend Kostya Tszyu, Tim fired back that former world champion Horn is "fake" and "irrelevant" on the eve of the fight.

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It comes as the pair faced off at their official press conference with Horn coming in a 72.1kg to Tszyu's 70.5kg and threatened to "rag doll" the younger fighter around the ring.

"I think it's silly, actually," Horn said of Tszyu revealing his weight.

"I don't know if he is lying but telling me he is only 70.5kg is very light, I will be throwing him around like a rag doll if he's that weight.

"I will be somewhere around 75kg come fight time. That is a massive size difference.

"Maybe he is trying to give me overconfidence saying what weight he is. It doesn't make me say, 'Whoa, he is nearly on weight'. It makes me think how crazy he is to be only 70.5kg when it's a 69.85kg fight."

As he has all build up, Tszyu brushed it off.

"I will be bigger, don't be surprised," Tszyu responded. "I will be even heavier than 75kg.

"For him to say he will rag doll me, of course, he's not going to be patting my head, it's boxing.

"We're not ballerinas in there. He is going to be punching me and I will be punching him, it's quite simple. It's a war and this is what we are born for."

Hopefully they get a little closer in the actual fight.
Hopefully they get a little closer in the actual fight.

While Horn has been throwing barbs at the younger man throughout the build up, the constant criticism has been that the 15-0 Tszyu is only getting this fight because of his name.

The son of former undisputed light-welterweight legend and International Boxing Hall of Fame member Kostya Tszyu, Tszyu Jr. has expertly dodged most of the barbs fired his way.

But in an interview with the Wide World of Sports, Tszyu slammed Horn for not being authentic during the lead up to the fight.

"He's very competitive, he's a good fighter and he's achieved a lot," Tszyu said. "But he's a bit fake. He says a few things … he's sometimes not the real guy you see in the media.

"I couldn't care less (what Horn says). I'm a professional athlete. Growing up with a dad like that, I'm super proud of what he did. He's taught me to ignore what irrelevant people have to say and this is exactly what it is. Why listen to irrelevant people that have got nothing to do with anything?

"He's trying to smack-talk, trying to put me off my game clearly, but it's not working. he should remain Jeff Horn, who he is. He's trying to be someone he not."

He also took aim at Horn's achievements, saying Manny Pacquiao "didn't take it seriously" and Terence Crawford, who took his WBO welterweight world title with a ninth round TKO "shows the calibre of the best boxers in the world compared to Jeff".

Bring on Wednesday night.




The highly anticipated bout between former WBO world welterweight champion Horn and rising Australian star Tszyu will take place on Wednesday, August 26, with the card starting at 6pm AEST. It's expected the main event will start at approximately 9.30pm.

The fight will take place at Townsville's Queensland Country Bank Stadium, which is the home of the NRL's North Queensland Cowboys. The $250 million, 25,000 capacity stadium opened in February. Up to 16,000 fans will be allowed into the stadium under its COVID-safe site specific plan.


The only way to watch the fight is on Main Event on Foxtel and for the first time ever, on Kayo Sports.

It is the first event that Kayo will offer a pay-per-view option. Kayo Sports executive director Ant Hearne said with COVID restricting travel and the ability to congregate at pubs and clubs, the move was perfect for those who still want to witness a piece of Australian boxing history.

Main Event is also available to be purchased on Foxtel's Main Event channel.

The first three undercard fights will be shown on Fox Sports 503 on Wednesday at 6pm.

Watch Horn vs Tszyu live on Main Event (available on Foxtel and Kayo), Wednesday 26 August, 7pm AEST. ORDER NOW >


Jeff Horn shows what he’s got.
Jeff Horn shows what he’s got.


Age: 32

Height: 1.75m

Reach: 1.73m

Record: 23 fights - 20 wins (13 KO), 2 losses, 1 draw

Last Three Fights:

- 18 December 2019 - Win vs Michael Zerafa (majority decision)

- 31 August 2019 - Loss vs Michael Zerafa (9th round TKO)

- 30 November 2018 - Win vs Anthony Mundine (1st round KO)


Age: 25

Height: 174cm

Reach: 183cm

Record: 15 fights - 15 wins (11 KO)

Last Three Fights:

- 6 December 2019 - Win vs Jack Brubaker (4th round TKO)

- 14 August 2019 - Win vs Dwight Ritchie (Unanimous decision)

- 15 May 2019 - Win vs Joel Camilleri (Unanimous decision)

Tim Tszyu is ready to go.
Tim Tszyu is ready to go.


Jeff Horn vs Tim Tszyu - super welterweight

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Shannon O'Connell vs Kylie Fulmer - super bantamweight

Joel Camilleri vs Adam Copland - middleweight

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In the head to head according to TAB, Tim Tszyu is the favourite at $1.50 to Jeff Horn's $2.60.

As for the method, a Tszyu KO/TKO/DQ/TD is at $2.75, followed by a Tszyu decision at $3.00, Horn decision at $4.75, Horn KO/TKO/DQ/TD at $5.00, with the draw at $17.00.

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