Kozel beer.
Kozel beer. Tomas Rasl

Try saying this after 6 beers

Some years ago when Hugh the neighbour and I started trying a different beer every weekend, we started by finding something we couldn't pronounce and buying a six-pack. Over time, this morphed into different craft beers, different styles of beer and many countries.

Last weekend, we went back to where it began with a Czech lager that is difficult to pronounce but remarkably easy to drink.

Velkopopovicky Kozel Premium beer is a really easy drinking lager at 4.8 per cent alcohol.

It pours a golden colour in the glass, has a quite malty nose and holds a quite generous head to the last mouthful.

It has a medium bitterness and kicks along on the back palate, however the star feature is that you get a really sparkling sensation.

I did fall for one trap for young players though. Thinking I had had Kolsche before and Pils and Pilsen and Radler and Weissbier and numerous other styles, however I had never tried a style called Kozel.

I found Kozel was Czech for goat, the emblem of Pivovar Velke Popovice brewery (a subsidiary of Asahi) rather than something to look for from other brewers.

Language barriers notwithstanding, this is a very pleasant beer that is reasonably priced and worth trying if you are looking for something different over Easter.

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