Phyllis and Kenneth Behets on their wedding day.
Phyllis and Kenneth Behets on their wedding day. Contributed

Truth the key as couple celebrate 60-years of wedded bliss

THE key to celebrating six decades of wedded bliss is to always be truthful and supportive and to create a happy family life.

Those are the words of wisdom from Phyllis Behets, who celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary last week with husband Kenneth.

Her husband's response of "doing as I am told” may have created some laughs from both of them and signalled humour is also necessary for a prosperous marriage such at theirs to last.

The Brassall couple notched up the important milestone on February 8, 2018. Kenneth and Phyllis were only too happy to talk to the Queensland Times about the life they had created together and the contribution the two of them had given to the city of Ipswich.

The pair met at a dance as teenagers at a time when parents acted as chaperones and they danced the night away as Phyllis' mum kept a close eye on her.

"He asked me to dance, but he couldn't dance very well,” Phyllis said.

Phyllis and Kenneth Behets from Brassall celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on February 8.
LIFE PARTNERS: Phyllis and Kenneth Behets from Brassall celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on February 8. David Nielsen

The pair, aged 14 and 15 at the time, began dating and, as Kenneth said: "Wherever I took Phyllis, I always had to take her mum too.”

After courting for a few years, the couple married on February 8, 1958, in front of family and friends in Mareeba.

"I was 19 and my husband was 20,” Phyllis said.

"My grandmother made my dress and veil because back in those days you couldn't just walk into a shop and buy one.”

Kenneth and Phyllis eventually settled in Ipswich, first living in Gailes before moving to Brassall.

They were only there a matter of weeks before tragedy struck at the home they had just moved into at Brassall - two weeks after they moved in, the 1974 floods hit.

The pair then moved into another house around the corner. They have lived there ever since and have marked more than four decades of calling Brassall home.

"We just love living in Brassall,” Phyllis said.

The husband and wife duo has played many important roles and helped make Ipswich the town it is today.

Kenneth was one of the first people who helped to set up the Marburg SES and undertook fundraising to help with the equipment they needed.

He also took part in many search and rescues during his time with the Marburg SES and helped reunite a missing child he found to their family.

Kenneth served as a JP at the courthouse for 13 years and helped with local Guides, Brownies and Scouts.

Phyllis was a nurse and worked at the Salvation Army aged care centre at Riverview for more than 30 years.

Sport has always been a big passion for the couple, who like to be on the sidelines to cheer on local sporting teams.

The couple have enjoyed travelling together and has seen much of of Australia.

They have three children, six grandchildren and six great- grandchildren.