Trump's weaknesses come to fore in COVID denials

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: "Covid, Covid, Covid!": "We are turning the corner!" Trump is confident in his own prognosis!

He is no scientist or doctor, but afraid the emphasis on the 230,000 USA Covid deaths has a bearing on his re-election chances.

Already the tide is turning against him, as the statistics continue to reveal his ignorance.

From one disaster to another, his rants, rallies and rudeness are a deadly combination which reveal a very shaky personality.

He has recovered from the "China virus", where he lays the blame, if anyone raises the issue he aggressively avoids!

What a hero; what a role model! While the USA has, globally, one of the highest related deaths from Covid, Trump is downplaying its severity. Nothing's a problem, according to his diagnosis!

"While Rome burns", their Ceasar is playing popularity games with his loyal "believers", led on by his fake news and empty promises, with deadly consequences.

Many have deserted the Trump ship, either not voting, or voting Democrat. His large rallies, mostly unmasked, especially in marginal states, desperately continue to the last man standing.

"Shame" is the one sentiment narcissists shun and deny.

To bear the brunt of the statistics and be accountable for the Covid reality, is not Trump's modus operandi.

He is a showman and his identity and self-esteem depend on his popularity.

Criticism and blame don't sit well on such arrogance. "Denial is a river in Egypt!"

E ROWE, Marcoola