Trump led US into crisis


Anti-Asian sentiment and increasing random attacks on Asian-American citizens, are a direct link to Trump's insistence, blaming the Covid pandemic on China.

He is the most racist and divisive president in USA history. Historically, Americans have held African-Americans in contempt, despite their Constitutional acclamation that: "All men are created equal."

America is politically divided into the GOP, Trump loyalists and the rest. Making voting more inaccessible in states which lost to the Democrats in 2020, is a deliberate attempt to discourage African-Americans and Hispanic citizens from voting in 2022; the voters which gave the majority to the Democrats.

The obvious regret the Republicans had in 2020 was, that African-Americans voted in droves.

Because Trump firstly denied, then underestimated the deadly Covid virus, then it was too late, America leading the world in Covid deaths in 2020.

Trump insinuated it was the "China Virus" which was to blame.

He reiterated it time and time again, thus emphasising Asians are to blame for the 550 000 Covid deaths, not his negligence to act. 

For decades, since WW2 and Vietnam, Asian-American citizens are the target of angry Americans.

They falsely believe it is their loyalty to Trump, to falsely blame these upstanding, innocent, law-abiding citizens for the spread of Covid. Most of their victims are the elderly or women.

It is reminiscent of World War Two Nazi ideology, which blamed the Jews for Germany's ills and losing World War One.

White America's hatred for anyone non-white is palpable, as it was in Europe mid-century. "A house divided against itself cannot stand."