Tim Blair is a blogger hosted on the Daily Telegraph website
Tim Blair is a blogger hosted on the Daily Telegraph website

"Trump deranged' too soft to find death threats funny

The 2014 comedy thriller Kingsman: The Secret Service received mostly positive reviews, particularly for the film's "spectacular action scenes".

Vanity Fair was especially impressed:

Kingsman is a riot of crunching, gnarly violence that's meant to shock the system into a kind of giddy hysteria. And it works!

Hooray! Exaggerated depictions of bloodshed and mayhem won praise for their "humour", "sprightly tone" and "fizzy fun":

And then there's all that violence, which Vaughn stages with wicked humor; it's the kind of stuff that elicits a half-guffaw, half-gasp of surprise. There are bloodier, more violent movies out there, for sure, but not so many that marry that carnage with Kingsman's sprightly tone and bright color palette.

One grand, murderous melee in particular skirts the edge of indecency, and maybe tips over the line depending on your taste, but riding that edge is what makes the film so much fizzy fun.

When there's a beautiful henchwoman who uses her metal prosthetic legs like swords flipping around and chopping people up, how can you not enjoy it?

Easy. Just add Donald Trump, as a fan did a year or so ago, and "wicked humour" immediately becomes simply wicked:

Slamming journalists to the floor, attacking the most senior black congresswoman and shooting critics in the face.

These are not scenes normally associated with the highest office in the land, but they appear in a doctored video of Donald Trump shown at a pro-Trump conference in Miami last week.

The two-minute clip is taken from a famous scene from the end of the movie Kingsman, in which the lead character, played by Colin Firth, goes on a killing spree in a church.

On Monday, a list of high-profile figures slammed the president for failing to condemn the video.

In the edited video, Trump's face is digitally superimposed on to Firth's body, and he is depicted shooting, stabbing and attacking adversaries in the "Church of Fake News".

It includes a scene of him setting the 2020 Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders on fire, stabbing the comedian Rosie O'Donnell in the face and throwing the Californian congresswoman Maxine Waters out of a window.

At the end of the video, Trump sticks an axe in CNN and then walks off smirking, admiring the scene of dead bodies across the floor.

We'd better take a look, then:

Hmmm. Seems adding all those oversize heads and media logos makes this scene even less realistic.

In fact, considering there is no longer anyone in the scene who is recognisable as a conventional human, the whole thing is hilariously cartoonish. But the pretend outrage continues:

"This video isn't funny. It will get people killed," said Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke, while Cindy and Meghan McCain condemned the video, saying it"violate[s] every norm our society expects" and that it "is disgusting and disturbing and any human with any moral clarity sees that. "

CNN called the video "vile and horrific" and the White House Correspondents' Association said "all Americans should condemn this depiction of violence."

These people must really lose it if they ever see the Butters Stotch tap tragedy.