LOCKED UP: Jarkeam Dickman has been sentenced over a terrifying burglary.
LOCKED UP: Jarkeam Dickman has been sentenced over a terrifying burglary.

Troubled teen back in jail for burglary

A TEEN on the run from police in a stolen car brandished a carving knife as he stole an Ipswich resident's car keys.

When the intruder walked into their house the man's terrified wife took shelter behind a locked bedroom door, only to be injured when police officers came crashing through believing the man was still inside.

Details of the Raceview couple's ordeal was revealed in Ipswich District Court when the intruder, Jarkeam Dickman, 19, pleaded guilty to committing burglary at night when threatening violence at Raceview on September 22, 2018; and stealing.

Crown prosecutor Victoria Adams said Dickman offended while on parole for other crimes and he had also been on a suspended jail term for the serious assault of a police officer.

The court heard Dickman's mother, Debbie Combarngo, was brutally murdered in Toowoomba in May last year, and he lived in more than 50 foster care homes during his childhood.

"He has an unenviable (criminal) history for someone so young, and has breached probation orders and community service orders," Ms Adams said.

In Crown facts, Dickman was a passenger in a stolen car abandoned at Raceview at 9.25pm.

He was seen jumping fences and running through yards before entering a house through an unlocked back door.

When confronted by the 54-year-old homeowner, Ms Adams said Dickman picked up a knife from a bench and waved it around, telling the man: "I want your car, where are the car keys."

The man told Dickman to put the knife down but Dickman picked up car keys and went into the garage.

After realising there was no car in the garage, he tried to leave through a front door but it was locked and he walked back down a hallway.

Dickman went to a bedroom door, where a woman was hiding, and the man told him not to go in but Dickman tried to open the locked door, before fleeing via the back door.

Police arrived on the scene and found Dickman down the road still in possession of the stolen car keys.

Ms Adams tended a victim impact statement from the man's wife.

The Crown sought a head sentence of three to four years' jail with Dickman to serve one third.

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC took into account the issue of totality as the teenager would serve a considerable jail term that included previous jail penalties.

Defence barrister Daniel Caruana sought a jail sentence of up to two-and-a-half years, saying Dickman's background was tragic and troubling.

"He grew up around significant drug use by both his father and mother, and was put into 52 different foster homes, Mr Caruana said.

"Multiple times he ran away in search of his parents.

"He has now rekindled contact with his father who works and is off drugs.

"At 18, he was pallbearer at his mother's funeral. Quite traumatic for his age."

Mr Caruana said the people accused of the murder were being held in jail and Dickman could not be held in any of the same facilities.

Dickman instructed he was using methylamphetamine at the time of the offences.

Referring to the woman's victim impact statement, Mr Caruana said no actual physical violence was committed by Dickman, and that "the injuries she speaks of is from when police were knocking down the door she was behind thinking he was still in the house".

Judge Horneman-Wren took into account the fact Dickman already had two sentences totaling 27 months, of which he would serve 22 months behind bars. The sentence for the new burglary charge must be added to this.

"Significantly, methamphetamine features in your offending. Facts of the case reflect you were affected by methylamphetamine at the time," he said.

"It is not an excuse, it is not a mitigating factor. Many would consider it to be an aggravating feature."

Judge Horneman-Wren said it would have been extremely frightening for the couple, with the wife holding herself against a door when police arrived in the house. When the door was opened she was flung across the room  injuring her neck.

Dickman was sentenced to two years' jail, with a concurrent term of six months' jail for stealing.

Judge Horneman-Wren activated his previous one month jail term for assaulting a police officer.

Dickman will be eligible to apply for parole on December 9.