Kim Nilsen is upset with having to wait about a month to see if she’ll be refunded an overpayment she made to BPay.
Kim Nilsen is upset with having to wait about a month to see if she’ll be refunded an overpayment she made to BPay. Mike Knott

Triple check paying online

A BUNDABERG woman is worried she will lose more than $1000 due to a BPay accident, resulting in her bank unable to guarantee the recall of the funds.

Single mother Kym Nilsen said she paid a bill to Queensland Motorways on Wednesday, July 20 but made a mistake when entering the amount payable.

“I was trying to pay a bill for $13.08 but accidentally entered $1308 thinking the decimal point was in there and when it came to click the confirm button I accidentally hit it instead of the cancel button,” she said.

“I immediately rang Suncorp who said they couldn’t do anything about it as it is now out of their hands. I was told to ring the other party.

“So I rang them and was told by them that there was nothing they could do as the bank had to recall the payment. She said it had happened to them before and that the banks had to recall it in those instances.”

Ms Nilsen said she then made a number of calls back and forth between Suncorp and Queensland Motorways before the bank agreed on the third phone call they could make the recall.

“They told me they would make the recall for a fee of $30 but said it could take three to four weeks and there was no guarantee that I would receive it,” she said.

“I need that money now to pay bills so I asked to speak to the bank supervisor who hasn’t called me back yet.”

Suncorp media relations spokesperson Amy McDonald said incidents like this were dealt with case by case.

“In a situation like this the customer should contact the financial institution and we have an error correction system where we would deal with the customer and a fee would be involved to perform the recall.”

A BPay spokesperson said that, while mistakes were relatively rare, there were procedures to correct them.

“Customers should contact their financial institution who will investigate and refund the money if there has been a mistake,” they said.

“In this particular case BPay will contact the customer and their financial institution to ensure this issue can be resolved.”

The spokesperson said an error included the following scenarios: overpayment, a duplicated payment, when an incorrect biller code has been entered or if an incorrect customer reference number has been entered.

“If any of these scenarios occur, the consumer’s financial institution begins the process of retrieving the payment from the biller, via its financial institution,” the spokesperson said.

“Member financial institutions adhere to agreed timings for responding to these requests to ensure the efficient resolution for these mistaken payments.”

Ms Nilsen is upset the process to retrieve the money would take three to four weeks with no guarantee.

“I’m quite cranky. I’m one person it’s been done to and I’m a single mum with a friend staying with a baby.

“What if it had of happened to her and she needed that money to get baby food?

“This is why I want to warn people to triple check when you use BPay as you may not get your money back.”